Soursop Leaves (Guanabana/Graviola)    (Dried) Nutrition Kingz Exotics Ltd

Soursop Leaves (Guanabana/Graviola) (Dried)

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Soursop Leaves (Guanabana/Graviola)

 - Dried

Our Organic soursop graviola leaves are just as nature intended, picked and air - dried naturally In sunlight. Soursop is famous in many regions for its traditional uses for juices and desserts. However the leaves are as renowned for it use in traditional medicine and remedies for various aliments. 

Our organic soursop leaves are sealed in 10g packets. Perfect for green and herbal teas, why not combine Key limes, Makrut limes and our Thai cinnamon sticks.

Origin: Jamaica, St Lucia 


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