About Us

Quality and Freshness

Nutrition Kingz Ltd are a local London grocery of the finest hand picked fruits, vegetables and exotics. We source the worlds best exotic fruits  to deliver to homes in London and across the UK. We regard delivering quality produce fresh to your door as one of our core company values and proactively seek to continually uphold these quality standards as we expand. 

As the general public become more and more pensive with our dietary choices and the public consensus is heading in a more health-conscious direction, team NK sought to help people service this growing demand for a healthier lifestyle.  We have a passion for exotic fruits, introducing them to the delicious exotics flavours while educating on the surprising nutritional benefits that have earn some of these fruits the title of 'Superfoods'. We love all things vegan and currently trade at special vegan markets across London. Vegan events are part of our brand identity, sourcing the best produce from our trusted suppliers, providing vital nutritional fact, giving guidance on ripening and consumption we just love meeting the local community. Our Vegan market schedules are expanding! So don’t be surprised to see our exotic fruits in a town near you. Visit our socials for details on upcoming vegan market events We sell our fruit in assortment boxes, gift/seasonal hampers, bespoke boxes and individually. Our associated items sections:

 We specialise in rare exotic fruit varieties such as Dragon Fruit, Jackfruit, Mangoteen, Rambutan and Kiwano, Soursop, Haden, Kent, Rosa, and Alphonso mangos and many more. Bringing nutritious and delicious rare exotic fruit from the tropics to homes all around the United Kingdom. it’s sharing new wonderful culinary experiences or just making the taste of home more accessible that we love and our home delivery services makes this easy. With are over 2000 different varieties of fruit around the globe, Of which we only have regular access to 10%. We aim to change this trend and make exotics more readily available.                               

Customer Satisfaction 

As the kings of delicious and nutritious exotics we value our customers opinions, so we only hand pick and select the freshest produce available. This may mean some of your fruit will ripen at different times. We also proactively purchase our produce from the most reputable markets, growers, and suppliers. From seed to harvest, We  seek to purchase all our produce from happy farmers, that understand and align with our brand values. This is a essential part of our focus to minimising the impact of our activities upon the environment, (actively seek offset our carbon footprint). We value the health and wellbeing of all those involved in the supply chain. From the growers planting seed in soil through to harvest and our actual final produce. 

Health Benefits

It’s our mission to increase awareness of health benefits of our 'superfoods', rare exotics. Most of our produce is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will shore up your immune system and also help you evade more serious ailments. “prevention is better than cure”
Check out our ‘did you know’ section on our Instagram page, And follow the links for YouTube videos And ripeness guides we continually upload to keep you informed. We aim to deliver orders fresh to your door withi3-5 of confirmation, with our contactless delivery service we are able to ensure elderly family members or those whom are sheltering can receive their parcels safely.

Associated Items 

Wellness: Hand selection of branded bespoke self care packages, including the finest incense, incense holders, fragrant lavender eye pillows and more.

Coconut Bowls: Zero waste toasted coconut bowls including up cycled spoon. 

Original Black  Garlic Uk Plc:  Uk Plc , We have collaborated with this exciting UK based company providing  the highest quality ‘black garlic’ on the market. Items include - Peeled Garlic cloves - Pot, Whole Garlic Bulb and Garlic Paste - Jar.                          

As a eco friendly, ethical purveyor of fruit, we value our local community and are actively working with charities to provide healthy cost efficient fruit and veg boxes to families in our communities.