Organic Raw Seamoss (Golden St Lucian) Nutrition Kingz Exotics Ltd

Organic Raw Seamoss (Golden St Lucian)

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Sea Moss

Irish moss - Seamoss

Our Chondrus Crispus or more commonly known as Irish Sea moss or carrageen moss is sourced directly from St Lucia. Our 100% Organic Wildcrafted seamoss has many applications and health benefits, please view the steps for preparation below. 

1. Rinse your sea moss thoroughly with spring water, repeat until clean.

2. Place the sea moss in a bowl with a few slices of our key limes and cover with fresh spring water.

3. Cover and refrigerate for 12-48 hours. Longer the better!

4. Pour off the water and give the sea moss another rinsing with spring water.

5. Place the sea moss in a blender and add 3/4-1 cup of fresh spring water.

6. Pour into glass jar and refrigerate!

Add to smoothies, breakfast bowls, herbal tea or food. Enjoy


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