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Sapodilla - Chikoo (Naseberry)

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Sapodilla are famous worldwide and known many names including Chikoo, Zapotillo, Sapota, Naseberry, Sepadilla, and Zapote. depending on the country/ region.

We like to call Sapodilla caramel fruit, another well known name due to its sweet caramel like taste when ripe. Sapodillas have a unique sugary and malty flavor with soft, grainy texture. Best showcased when consumed as nature intended directly out-of-hand, chilled or at room temperature. Sapodillas are considered a fruit that is primarily consumed fresh, to savor the flesh’s warm, malty caramel flavor. Sapodilla must be eaten ripe to enjoy its full taste benefits (please view ripening guide). The seed inside is  not edible. 

Origin: Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand 


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