Platinum Box (Assortment of Exotic Fruits) Nutrition Kingz Exotics Ltd

Platinum Box (Assortment of Exotic Fruits)

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Platinum Boxes

(Assortment of Exotic Fruits)

Embark on a taste journey that will arouse your senses and nourish your body. Our Diamond Box is an assortment of nutritious and delicious rare exotics fruits and superfoods delivered directly to your door.

Selection will vary depending on seasonal availability, as to ensure freshness.

Our large selection box will contain 24 to 30 different varieties of the finest hand picked rare exotics from around the globe. Our fresh fruit boxes contain an assortment of our rarest exotics, including Nashi pears and kumquats, Dragon fruit and lots more. Our fresh exotic fruit box is bursting with mouth-watering flavours packed full of nutritional benefits and tropical taste experiences.

All of our produce is selected with freshness in mind, thus the fruits may not always be completely ripened on delivery. Fruits will be individually wrapped to ensure protection during shipment. Please view our ripening guides, to indicate when best to eat your fresh produce and how best to store it. This will be sent via email with tracking confirmation.

Platinum Box 24 to 30 different varieties + Delivery 

Why not subscribe for a regular delivery earning a 10% discount.

Items included in the Exotics Box (subject to availability) are Atemoya, Rambuta, Mangosteen, Baby pineapple, Snake fruit, Golden kiwi, Kumquats, Papaya, Mango, Star fruit, Physalis, Feijoa, Asian pear, Lychee, Grandilla, Sapodilla, Pineapple, Jelly coconut, Dragon fruit, Seeded banana or Dhaka Banana.


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