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Mango (Julie)

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Mango Julie 

Julie Mango have become popular for the unique sweetness. Easily distinguishable for their unique shape, Julie mangoes are generally small to medium in size but pack a juicy punch. Julie mangoes usually ripen from deep green to hues of red, purple and yellow. 

The flavor is very sweet and creamy, with textures that are smooth soft and fiberless. It typically is ready to harvest from June to July, however there is a small earlier window of avail availability in January also. 

Nutrition Value

Mangoes contain high level of vitamin C, fibre and pectin. 


Eat out of hand as nature intended. Alternatively add to breakfast bowls, blend into smoothies and juices. Dice into small cues and freeze for sorbets and iced smoothies. 

Origin: Jamaica, St Lucia 


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