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Guinep (Spanish Lime, Mamoncillo)

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Guinep Spanish Lime 

Spanish limes, grow in clusters of 12 or more fruits at the end of the branches of large green, leafy trees. 
Botanically referred to as Melicoccus bijugatus (and sometimes Melicocca bijuga), the small green fruits go by many names in their native region. They are called Quenepas in Puerto Rico, Mamones in El Salvador, and Gineps in Jamaica and Guyana.


Nutritional Value 

Mamoncillo are a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and fiber.


Mamoncillo are most often eaten fresh, right out of the skin. To eat a Mamoncillo, bite into or puncture the thin skin so it can be peeled back to expose the pulp. The best way to eat it is to pop the whole fruit into your mouth and suck the pulp from the seed.


Origin: Ecuador 


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