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Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)

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Feijoa Pineapple Guava

The fruit, known as feijoa It has a sweet, aromatic flavour, which tastes like pineapple, apple and mint. The flesh is juicy and is divided into a clear, gelatinous seed pulp and a firmer, slightly granular, flesh nearer the skin. The fruit falls to the ground when ripe and at its fullest flavour, but it may be picked from the tree prior to falling to prevent bruising.

The fruit pulp resembles the closely related guava, having a gritty texture. The feijoa pulp showcases aromatic, translucent green sweet flesh.  Feijoa fruit has a distinctive, potent smell that resembles that of a fine perfume. The aroma is due to the ester methyl benzoate and related compounds that exist in the fruit. 

Nutritional Value 

Pineapple guavas contain good amounts of vitamin A and folate, as well as potassium, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. 


 Pineapple guavas find themselves typically being classified as a dessert ingredient or as simply being eaten fresh out of hand. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out the inner flesh. Pineapple guavas are very well-suited to salad and savory recipes though and have many companion ingredients. Pineapple guavas can be baked, sautéed, caramelized and pureed, preserved and jammed.


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