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Durian Whole

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Durian Whole

Durian, meaning “thorny” and is a member of the mallow family. It has earned the title “King of Fruit” in many parts of Southeast Asia where it is widely celebrated for its unique flavor as well as its health benefits. One of the most widely exported is a variety called Monthong, which is Thai for “Golden Pillow”. It’s a sweet and creamy variety that is popular in Thailand. Beneath the thorny exterior and pungent aroma, the king of fruits boasts a smooth creamy texture and bittersweet taste that is loved by those willing to overcome the inconveniences of husk and smell.

Whole fresh Durian will weigh approximately 2.5 to 3.5 kg. 

Durian fruit is rich in sugar and healthy fats, but it also has extensive vitamin and mineral content. Durian fruit is an excellent source of energy and also contains amino acids. 

Nutritional Value 

Durian fruit is rich in sugar and healthy fats, but it also has extensive vitamin and mineral content that is attributed to its many health benefits. Durian fruit is an excellent source of energy because it is high in carbohydrates, and also contains a good amount of dietary fiber, essential for normal function of the digestive system. It is rich in vitamin C (more so than most tropical fruits), protein, folic acid, vitamin A, B vitamins, and important minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and phosphorus.


Durian fruit is most commonly eaten raw, and can be used in sweet or savory recipes. Once ripe, the tough skin can easily be cut open and the pudding-like pulp can be scooped out and eaten raw, though some recommend chilling it first. Durian fruit is used in a number of Southeast Asian recipes, particularly in desserts. It can be blended or pureed, baked into cakes or custards, or used to flavor ice cream.

Origin. Thailand 





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