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Dacca Banana (Red Banana)

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Dacca Banana (Red Banana) 

Red bananas have a distinctive red to purple skin, rather than the more conventional yellow bananas and are usually smaller than regular yellow bananas. This fruit has soft and creamy texture in cream to slightly pink colour. The colour comes from the beta-carotene red bananas contain, and the aroma reminds of sweet strawberries. 

The fruit of red bananas is similar to the fruit of yellow bananas, but red bananas taste like as if you eat banana and raspberries at the same time. Red bananas come from Costa Rica and are a favourite in Central America, Mexico and in some areas in Australia.

Nutritional Value 

The bananas also contain more vitamin C and beta-carotene than yellow bananas. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.  


 Red bananas have a sweet, tropical flavor and dense, creamy flesh suited for fresh and cooked preparations. The fruits can be peeled and eaten straight, out of hand, or they can be sliced and incorporated into fruit bowls, appetizer skewers, or utilized as a fresh topping over pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, other breakfast dishes, and ice cream. Red bananas can also be blended into smoothies, sliced in half and smothered in peanut butter and dried fruits as a snack, or frozen and blended into ice cream.

Origin: Ecuador 


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