How long will my order take to arrive?

Our aim is to dispatch orders within 3 working days of payment being received. Occasionally this is not possible due to the nature of our rare fresh produce. once despatched you will receive tracking number and delivery updates via email.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel your order once it has been placed. This is because sometimes we source the fresh fruits from our suppliers after you order and if you cancel it can lead to us making losses. We can accept cancellations for orders that contain dry goods/drinks/frozen goods only. We can sometimes offer the option to postpone a delivery to a later date.

Can I make a pre-order?

Yes of course. You can order at any time and ask us to deliver in the future. This is common when customers order Christmas gifts or birthday presents etc. However, we can't guarantee the availability of fresh fruits in the future. There are multiple factors that affect the supply of fresh produce. Many of which are out of our control. If you place a pre-order and then a fruit becomes unavailable at the time of dispatch, we will of course refund you for the missing portion of your order or offer a substitution.

What will happen if a fruit becomes unavailable?

If we expect a fruit to become unavailable, we will mark it as out of stock in our online shop as soon as we can. Sometimes fruits become unavailable unexpectedly. If you order a fruit then it's unavailable, we will email or text to let you know and offer either a refund or substitution for the missing fruit.

How will my order be packed?

As a eco friendly brand  your order will usually be packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. Soft fruits will be packed individually in foam pouches or  bio degradable bubble wrap to enable a safe transit. 

I have been sent the wrong fruit, what can I do?

Please let us know within 24 hours of receiving your parcel and send us photographic evidence. We will either send the correct fruit to you or issue you with a refund.

The fruit I have purchased is sold by weight, how many pieces of fruit will I receive?

Every fruit is different, and size can vary throughout the seasons. The best thing to do is call us and we will update you on current fruit sizes. 

Will the exotic fruit be fresh and arrive in good condition?

When the exotic fruits leave our warehouse, they are in perfect condition. We receive shipments on various days each week, thus our fruits are as fresh as possible when they arrive with you. whilst in transit on the rare occasion fruits may be damaged. If your fruit is inedible/damaged, we will reimburse or replace these items. please see below for what you should do.

How to report a problem with an item in my order?

Please email a picture of the item in question within 24 hours of receipt if possible showing delivery packaging in picture as form of verification to;


Please refer to our refunds and exchange policy below.

If a claim, with photographic evidence, for a damaged item is made by email (to hello@nutritionkingzltd.co.uk or nutritionkingz@outlook.com) within 24 hours of receipt we will refund or replace goods on the following basis:.

If you find an item is significantly damaged on receipt and is no longer edible, we will refund you 100% of the value paid for the item or offer the affected item free of charge in your next order as a replacement. No matter how big or small the issue our team here at NK Ltd will be happy to assist in resolving any shipment issues, 

If damaged items are reported to us more than 24 hours after the parcel arrived with you, this means we will be unable to recoup any of our losses from our suppliers or the courier company, and as a result we cannot guarantee that we will be able to resolve the matter in your favour so please do report any problems swiftly. 

How long will the fruit last?

As every fruit is different, we can't give an exact answer to this question. Many of our fruits will require further ripening at home and may not be ready to eat for a few days. Equally, some are perishable and will need to be eaten within 48–72 hours before they spoil. We won't send fruit out to you if it will have less than 2 days shelf life once it arrives with you.

Our frozen pulps usually defrost in transit (unless it's a particularly cold day) and we recommend that you use them within around 3–5 days. Being fruit, you may also refreeze the fruit pulps, but this is entirely up to you. www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/frozen_food.html

Is the fruit organic?

We try to source organically wherever we can. however this is not always possible, due to our varied suppliers and farm networks. we actively seek our organic produce but to enable consistency and variety of the most exotic fruit this means we may sometimes get produce that is not farmed organically. We have planted seeds in Ghana and are expanding our own organic cocoa farms.

For the latest information about which fruits are farmed organically, please contact us prior to placing your order. hello@nutritionkingzltd.co.uk or nutritionkingz@outlook,com 

Can I ask a question about a particular fruit? 

We are more than happy to answer your questions. You can use the contact us page to ask us anything