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Red Kiwi

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Red kiwi

Also know as Rainbow Red kiwi are showcasing red sunburst rings are native to China, where there were two main varieties known as Dong Hong and Hong Yang.

Rainbow Red kiwis are small fruits that have an oval to ovate shape with a distinct dent on the bottom of the fruit, a distinguishing factor between this specialty variety and other kiwi cultivars. The kiwi’s surface is smooth and velvety, containing less fuzz than green kiwis, and has a delicate, thin nature.

Underneath the surface, the flesh is soft, tender, aqueous, and bright green just below the skin, fading into a golden yellow hue and dotted with tiny black seeds. In the center of the flesh, there is a vibrant red to crimson sunburst, also known as a red iris, showcasing thin scarlet streaks surrounding a white oval epicenter.
Rainbow Red kiwis are seasonally available in the fall in Japan.

Rainbow Red kiwis are a source of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and fiber to regulate the digestive tract.

Origin: China, New Zealand 


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