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Citrus - Calamansi Juice Drink (can)

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Calamansi limes come from the citrus family and are a combination between a kumquat and an orange. It is often grown in Southeast Asian countries, especially in the Philippines where they are simply known as limes. The fruit of the calamansi tree is used to make calamansi juice. Even though this fruit's juice tastes sour, many people drink it every day because they've heard it's good health benefits, they can be mixed with honey and hot water and soursop leaves to make a soothing herbal tea! 

However, our Gina calamansi juice offers a new way to enjoy these wonderful fruits. This refreshing citrus drink was first introduced in the Philippines in 1960s it simply a delicious way to enjoy this fruit the with its tangy notes and strong calamansi flavour. 

This juice has no artificial flavours, preservatives, or colourings added, you can be confident in knowing that the juice is healthy too.

Origin:  Philippines


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